February 13, 2024

HySecurity Slide Driver

For over three decades, the SlideDriver from HySecurity has been offering legendary security, power and durability for sensitive perimeters.


  • Powerful - Moves gates up to 20,000lbs with ease
  • Durable - Decades long life and low maintenance
  • Tough - Secure steel chassis and tamper resistant cover
  • Smart - Integrated primary / secondary controls and preprogrammed relay settings


Intelligent. Configurable. Safe.

Every installation is unique and all have different operational, safety, and security needs.  The Smart Touch Controller makes meeting individual needs easy with the flexibility to manage sensors, simple primary / secondary functions, and dozens of preprogrammed relay functions.


The Right Model for Your Application

SlideDriver offers the widest range of specifications in the HySecurity catalog with an operator for every application.  Models include high speed up to 3ft/sec and high capacity for gates up to 10 tons.  Every model has secure rail drive and Smart Touch controls.  


Dependable in harsh conditions

Made from a high-tech engineered polymer, the XtremeDrive rack and drive wheel system requires no lubrication and is virtually indestructible.  XtremeDrive comes standard on SlideDriver 80 and 220 models and can be purchased as retrofit kits, which easily converts other SlideDriver operators.