Your investment in your business doesn't end with the walls of your buildings, so why should your security? SecurityWorks understands that now, more than ever, the security of your property, your employees, your utilities - your entire business - depends on the security of your perimeter. That's why we provide complete commercial & industrial security solutions designed to protect all aspects of your business.

Superior Commercial
Security Solutions

With a perimeter security solution from SecurityWorks, you have full access control to your commercial or industrial property. You, your employees, and authorized visitors come and go with ease, and your property is secure against unauthorized entry through the strategic use of access control, gates, fences & guardrail.

CAD drawing of the inside a commerical facility showing areas that require security

Interior and Exterior solutions from SecurityWorks provide safety and security to your commercial / industrial facility

Expert Commercial Security Installation

Our highly qualified installation teams manage your entire perimeter security project, including site work, fence and gate installation, and electrical wiring. As a licensed electrical contractor and licensed fence contractor in Boston, we are a complete perimeter security contractor.

Exceptional 24/7 Service

We see your completed project as the beginning of our partnership. Our full-time service manager and dedicated service technicians are available to respond to your ongoing security needs 24/7, whether you have an emergency repair or a routine service request.


You decide who enters your commercial / industrial facility

Proximity Card Readers

Proximity Card Readers

Compatible with both active and passive tags and cards, allowing access to different locations without the need for multiple readers or tags.

Commercial Access Transmitters

Commercial Transmitters

Remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle. Combines RF and card access controls into one unit with codes that cannot be copied.

Access Control Keypads

Access Control Keypads

Vandal resistant, steel construction provides access control wherever digital stand-alone code entry is desired. Surface, post or flush mounted units available.

Telephone Entry System

Telephone Entry System

Resident and visitor access control into apartment buildings, office buildings, factories and industrial sites. Grant or deny access directly from a touch tone phone.


Provide authorized vehicles with access to your facility

Slide Gate Operator

Slide Gate Operator

Combine today's technology with old world craftsmanship to add beauty and security to your property with remote controlled, motorized slide gates. Strong, low maintenance and available in a variety of styles.

Barrier Gate Systems

Barrier Gate Systems

Popular parking gate with remote control or automated access. Raises beams 13 to 23 feet long in 4 to 7 seconds. Used for controlling heavy vehicular traffic at wide entrances.

Swing Gate Operator

Swing Gate Operator

Access electronics and mechanical areas without having to remove gate arms - easier installation and maintenance. One of the quietest commercial vehicular gate operators on the market today.

Steel Folding Gate

Steel Folding Gate

Access control and security without sacrificing visibility or circulation in your commercial or industrial space. Available as pair folding gate, single folding gate, door gate, portable gate and barrier gate in various sizes.


Protect your borders and the systems inside it

Galvanized Fence Products

Galvanized Fence

Experience exceptional security and protection for your commercial facility with galvanized fencing. Maintenance free with superior protection against rust and corrosion.

Fence Slats to Provide Privacy

Fence Slats

Fence Slats provide strength, privacy and good looks. Available in wood or plastic with a variety of colors.

Interior Guardrails

Interior Guardrail

Interior protection for structural platforms, in-plant offices, conveyors, water mains, valuable equipment and personnel at your commercial / industrial facility. 10,000lb load at 4mph rating.

Commercial Guard Rails

Commercial Guard Rail

Energy absorbing device that can protect your commercial property and employees from harm. Available in a variety of styles and configurations.

Color Chain-Link Fencing

Color Chain-Link Fence

A durable, UV resistant coating makes for a maintenance free product. Available in a number of colors and configurations.

Premium Wood Fencing

Premium Wood Fence

Lasting durability and structural integrity with a 12 year limited warranty provide you with the commercial security and beauty you need.

Ornamental Fence & Gates

Ornamental Fence & Gates

Combine today's technology with old world craftsmanship to add beauty and security to your commercial property. Strong, low maintenance and available in a variety of styles.


Discover more ways to protect your property & employees



A space saving solution for indoor or outdoor commercial access control applications. High quality bearings and stainless steel components ensure consistent, smooth rotation and years of trouble free service.

Guard Booths

Guard Booths

Preassembled booths, mezzanines, shelters and modular structures that meet the demands of virtually any commercial / industrial security application. Galvanized steel or anodized aluminum construction.

Woven Wire Partitions

Woven Wire Partition

Lasting protection of materials and personnel, allowing full visibility and unrestricted circulation of air, light and heat. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.



Excellent for securing and segregating vehicles from people, bollards work to protect dock doorways, building passages and critical mechanical and utility systems from damage.

Sophisticated Systems from Top Manufacturers

We offer a wide variety of sophisticated security products to our commercial and industrial customers, including remote control gates, card readers, telephone entry systems, CCTV, guard booths, parking gates, guard rails and more. These products are sourced from the biggest and best names in the industry, so you can be sure that you'll be investing in the long term security of your commercial or industrial facility.

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