January 13, 2024

DKS DoorKing 1625 Traffic Control Wedge Barrier System

The 1625 Wedge Barrier offers formidable protection for locations requiring a higher degree of security, without the need to dig for installation. Precisely counter-balanced, the heavy steel Wedge is surface mounted, making it ideal for any property from multi-level parking structures to slab lots. Available in 12 and 14 ft widths and equipped with way-finding lights, choose from a solid or folding Arm for low clearance areas. Conveniently low maintenance, the Wedge delivers serious damage to vehicles attempting to run the barrier without the complexities of a hydraulic system. Now high security can be found anywhere — with the simple strength of the Wedge.


Demand Respect with the 1625 Wedge
The 1625 Wedge Barrier System provides the engineering and physical theft to stop barrier runners in their tracks — preventing theft, additional costly repairs, and further damage.  The 1625 is counter balanced and designed for simple mechanical linkage to the 1602-590 Operator, keeping Barrier Arm and Wedge Barrier in sync — with no separate motors or hydraulic valves to worry about.


Stop Them with the 23.5” Tall Wedge

The heavy-duty reinforced steel wedge and posts are engineered to deliver debilitating damage to passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks attempting to drive through a controlled traffic lane. Not only tough but fast too, the Wedge raises and lowers in approximately 3.5 seconds, stopping vehicles with a reinforced surface area of 23.5” high by up to 13’ 8” wide of solid steel — backed by the simple physics of a timeless Wedge.


Surface Installation for Versatility

Many locations require a high level of security but don’t have the ability or funds to dig for barrier installation — the 1625 Surface Mount Wedge Barrier is the right solution for properties with a concrete area for installation.  Built with 1/2 in (12.7mm) A36 steel anchor plates, the 1625 anchor post assembly is surface mounted and provides 16 anchor points on each post. The wedge plate has a total of 22 anchor points for an overall total of 54 anchor points for a dependable installation that’s quick and easy.


The Barrier that Fits

  • Apartment Complex & Gated Communities
  • Car Rental Agencies & Parking Lots
  • Toll Booths