December 13, 2023

DKS 2112 eVolve Video Entry System

The 2112 eVolve Video Entry System is DKS' most advanced video entry system available, enabling residents to not only speak on the phone to guests at the gate, but also see guests right on their smartphone through video streaming — offering verbal and visual communication from anywhere. Residents can quickly grant guests access from their home phone or smartphone, and can easily program the Entry System by logging in to their administrator account through any browser on any internet connected device.


Designed for Versatile Residential Access Control

Choose up to 3 access points to control — any combination of vehicle gate, foot gate, or doors into or within the property can be programmed and managed by the 2112 eVolve.


Voice & Video Communication with Guests – Right On Your Smartphone
System administrators can designate up to 4 phones to receive guest calls from the Entry System via broadcast calling. All 4 phones will ring when a guest presses the call button, when one resident answers the other 3 lines will stop ringing. Landline, cordless or smartphone, the 2112 makes it easy for residents to communicate with guests from anywhere.


Easy Connection Setup for Any Property
The 2112 eVolve uses an Internet connection to provide Voice Calling, Video Calling and database management. Customers who have easy access to an Ethernet connection at the entry system location can connect with their existing internet services. This provides full system function and performance for the 2112 eVolve. Customers who do not have an Ethernet connection at the entry system location can use the optional DoorKing Cellular Kit. This is an additional hardware kit, and added monthly fee that provides a Cellular Internet connection for the 2112 eVolve. This will support the full system function and performance.


Engineered to Withstand the Elements
Through rain, snow or blazing sun — DKS products are designed to weather them all with style and functionality. Rated to operate in 10°F to 145°F (-12°C to 62°C), the 2112 eVolve is built tough with a stainless steel faceplate, galvanized steel sub plate, and durable back lighted metal keypad and push-to-call button. The 2112 is also designed to pair with a 12V DC backup power input to keep it up and running in the event of a blackout.


To learn more about DoorKing's innovative new 2112 eVolve Video Entry System, download their brochure below or contact SecurityWorks, Inc. directly at (617) 364-5585.