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SecurityWorks Newsroom
November 2017 - PRODUCT OF THE MONTH
B680H Hydraulic Barrier from FAAC

Switching power supply

The switching power supply, with high energy efficiency and extended range, ensures operation of barriers from 100 Vac to 240 Vac.


Integrated speed sensor

The speed sensor allows precise control of the movement and reversing of the barrier arm when an obstacle is detected.


“Everlasting” springs

The springs of the B680H have  been tested for over 2 million cycles.


24V Hybrid technology

The hydraulic pump with brushless motor guarantees the movement of long or short barrier arms at high speed and continuous cycle (100% duty cycle).


Integrated flashing light

The flashing light is entirely integrated into the structure.The operation of its red and green high efficiency LEDs can be easily programmed by the control board.  (optional)


Elliptically-profiled modular barrier arms

Vehicle barrier arms over 20 feet long are made by joining 2 modules up to 26 feet to ease transportation. Once the modules have been assembled, the connection joint is invisible and LED lighting (optional) may be fixed to the entire length of the arm. All the barrier arms are windproof, round or elliptically profiled and are supplied with rubber protection on the bottom.


Advanced electronics with integrated Loop Detectors 

The E680 microprocessor control board ensures  integration of the B680H with advanced control systems. It has numerous programmable outputs/inputs and two integrated, high-sensitivity Loop Detectors.


Removable housing 

The housing is non load-bearing and may be easily replaced, with the body post remaining in place. It is available in stainless-steel or steel versions. The steel is available in four colors with 100-micron, epoxy zinc primer anti-corrosion treatment.

Additional Information
• More Information is available for download:  FAAC_B680H.pdf
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